About Ahmad khan Bigzadah

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Salary 1000
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management
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About me

Professional and Experienced manager 


  • 1995
    Abu osman Taloqani high school

    High school

  • 2017 - 2018
    Dunya university


    I did my 2th master degree in business administration( public administration)

  • 2013 - 2015
    Avicenna university


    I did my master degree in political science faculty(international relation)

  • 2008 - 2011
    Jawzjan university

    Bachelor degree

    I did my bachelor in social science faculty


  • 2018 - 2021
    Ministry of education

    Education president for Sar-e-pol province

    Duties and responsibilities: 1. Leadership and Administration: I have been responsible for leading and managing the overall operations of the provincial education system. This was involve setting strategic goals, developing policies, and overseeing their implementation. 2. Educational Policy Development: I have played a key role in formulating and implementing educational policies that align with national standards and regulations. This could include curriculum development, assessment methods, and instructional strategies. 3. Budgeting and Resource Allocation: I have been responsible for managing the budget for the provincial education system. That was involves allocating resources to schools, ensuring financial accountability, and seeking additional funding when needed. 4. Stakeholder Engagement: As a provincial education president, I have been the primary liaison between the education department and various stakeholders, such as school boards, teachers' unions, parents, and community organizations. Building relationships, facilitating communication, and addressing concerns would be essential. 5. Supervision and Evaluation: I have been overseen the effectiveness and performance of schools within the province. This includes conducting evaluations, providing guidance and support to principals and school administrators, and implementing improvement plans where necessary. 6. Professional Development: Promoting continuous professional development among educators and staff would have been a crucial responsibility. Organizing workshops, training sessions, and conferences to enhance teaching practices and keep up with educational advancements would be part of my role. 7. Quality Assurance: Ensuring that the education system maintains high standards and quality would be an ongoing responsibility. Regular monitoring, evaluation of student performance, and implementing measures to improve educational outcomes would be expected. 8. Advocacy and Representation: I have been act as an advocate for the provincial education system at various levels, including government, media, and public forums. Representing the interests of students, teachers, and the community paramount. 9. Crisis Management: In the event of emergencies or crises affecting the education system, I have been responsible for coordinating responses, implementing contingency plans, and ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff. 10. Collaboration with Other Departments: Working closely with other government departments, such as health, social services, and transportation, to address cross-cutting issues impacting education, such as student welfare, special needs education, and school infrastructure.

  • 2016 - 2018
    Administrative reform and civil service commission

    Training need assessment officer

    Duties and responsibilities: 1. Conducting Training Needs Assessments: I was responsible for designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive TNA processes to identify gaps in employee knowledge, skills, and competencies. This involves collecting data through various methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation. 2. Analyzing Data: Once i have been gathered the necessary data, i need to analyze it to identify key training needs and priorities. This could involve evaluating current performance levels, comparing them to desired outcomes, and determining areas where training interventions are required. 3. Developing Training Plans: Based on the identified training needs, I was responsible for developing strategic and tactical training plans. These plans was outline the specific objectives, content, delivery methods, evaluation criteria, and resources required for each training program. 4. Collaborating with Stakeholders: As a TNA officer, I worked closely with different stakeholders including managers, department heads, and subject matter experts. I have been collaborate with them to understand their specific training requirements and align the training programs with organizational goals and objectives. 5. Designing and Delivering Training Programs: In coordination with training specialists or external providers, i was involved in designing and delivering training programs. This was include creating instructional materials, selecting appropriate training methods (e.g., classroom training, e-learning, on-the-job training), and organizing training sessions. 6. Evaluating Training Effectiveness: After training programs have been implemented, I need to assess their effectiveness to determine if the training objectives were met and whether there has been a positive impact on employee performance. That was involve conducting post-training evaluations, gathering feedback from participants, and analyzing performance data. 7. Monitoring and Updating Training Initiatives: As new technologies, processes, or job roles emerge within the organization, i continuously monitor and update the training initiatives to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with evolving needs. That was involve making adjustments to training content, methods, or delivery platforms.

  • 2012 - 2016
    Administrative reform and civil service commission

    General manager of information bank & library

    I have worked as a general manager of information bank and library for civil service institute that provided the different trainings for government employees. And also there was big library and computer lab under my observation.